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Welcome to Poznań Startup Community!

Poznań is famous for its tradition of entrepreneurship. After its 1000 years of existence, technology firms are appearing to represent the city on the international market, attracting the attention of Polish and foreign investors. Poznań is regarded as the most startup-friendly city in Poland, a city where society is very active, startup events take place almost weekly and young entrepreneurs are integrated and successful.


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There would not be startups without dynamically operating communities that form an indispensable part of cities all over the world. Starting from a startup legend – San Francisco, through New York, London, Berlin to Poznań. Ecosystems created by young entrepreneurs and amateurs of new technologies contribute not only to establishments of new companies, increase in self-employment or development of innovations, but also constitute one of the best showcases that a modern city can have. For several years, startup community has been growing also in Poznań.

In the meantime, in the city known for its entrepreneurship traditions, have appeared new companies that base their activities on new technologies and that represent the city at international conferences and attract the attention of Polish and foreign investors to the city. Poznań, next to Cracow, Warsaw and Gdańsk, is one of the most startup-friendly cities in Poland, with its highly active startup community and many events dedicated to startup that are held in the city. And the startup community is still gaining momentum. This will bring benefits for everyone – both for the City, which will gain recognition of international community related to business and technologies, its citizens – who will be able to use the solutions developed by startups, traditional entrepreneurs, who will be able to implement some innovations in their companies, as well as young people, for whom Poznań will not only be the academic city, but also one with interesting future perspectives.

We introduce Startup Poznań – the initiative, under which the City of Poznań, in cooperation with representatives of companies and institutions from Poznań that have been supporting startup communities for years, strive for development of the best possible support programme for young companies operating on the basis of knowledge and new technologies. The aim of the initiative is to promote startups connected with the City, support their development, enable access to essential knowledge, engage local community and develop current ecosystem. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with this paper, which presents possibly most updated list of interesting startups connected with Poznań, list of companies and institutions supporting their development as well as the events, without which, this community would not be able to grow and which make Poznań one of the most startup-friendly cities in Poland.

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre
Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre, affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, is one of the biggest, also on a worldwide scale, IT centres dedicated to science and education.
The company has been operating on Polish market since 2005. It offers IT outsourcing services and is the leader of the data centre market. Beyond.pl as one of the first companies in Poland has developed and implemented services of cloud computing on the market. Currently, the offer of the company includes private clouds and first Polish public computing cloud e24cloud.
SpeedUp Venture Capital Group
SpeedUp VC Group is a leading Polish venture capital funds group that invests on all stages of development of new enterprises. The group consists of four funds: SpeedUp Investments, SpeedUp IQbator, LMS Invest and SpeedUp Innovation. All differ from one another in terms of sources of capital which they have at their disposal and level of development of projects in the sphere of their interests.
Fundacja Polak 2.0
The Foundation carries out projects aiming at integration of IT sector environment as well as education on new technologies. FP20 specialises in e-commerce activities. The main initiatives undertaken by the Foundation include startup trade fair Democamp East/West, Showcamp, e-commerce trade fair as well as Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies.
Adam Mickiewicz University (UAM) Academic Preincubator
Preincubator supports persons who plan to establish their own economic activity. The organisation addresses its offer to research workers, PhD students and students of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and other Poznań-based higher education institutions.
Academic Enterprise Incubators (AIP)
The goal of Academic Enterprise Incubators is to establish favourable climate for the development of enterprise. Cooperation with AIP enables each person to establish a company using the lowest costs, in the fastest and easiest way in Poland, with minimum risk.
Inkubator Biznes i Nauka (Business and Science Incubator)
The incubator provides access to full office infrastructure and two specialised laboratories: Laboratory on Utility, Experience of Users and Accessibility Research (LabUx) and Laboratory of Multimedia Technologies Research with Laboratory of Everyday Intelligent Technologies.
Redexperts is a software house – it unites authors of unusual projects, enthusiasts and founders of startups. The company designs websites, mobile phone and internet applications, SmartTV applications and deals with designing UX and UI.
CoWalski – Aleja Inspiracji
Modern workplace for those who wish to develop their own business and life passions – space e.g. for startup companies and co-workers. The offer includes both a virtual office, workplaces, as well as an intimate conference room and creative spaces.
NigmaLabs is a great treat for everyone who deals with electronics and hardware. The company organises cyclical meetings which constitute an opportunity for exchange of knowledge on technical novelties and equipment.
ePaństwo Foundation
ePF is one of the most important organisations acting upon open and transparent authorities and civil engagement with the use of new technologies and power of the Internet. The Foundation encourages to build useful initiatives and civil services, which enable effective changes in Poland.
AIP Business Link Poznań
One of the five accelerators of development of Business Link business network. AIP Business Link has 5 facilities in 5 most business important cities in Poland: Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Poznań and Wrocław. The aim of this business development platform is to ensure developing companies possibilities and tools for global development.
Concordia Design
Concordia Design conducts a consulting activity by offering services for business, whose goal is to develop and implement innovations with the use of design. Concordia is also an incubator for young companies from various spheres of designing.
ZOO Coworking
A co-working space which is developed by Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre. ZOO is the space for facilitating development of new ideas and concepts based on data transmission equipment.
Poznań Technology Industrial Park
A leading centre that supports creation of innovations in the Region, which contributes to improvement of broadly understood attractiveness and competitiveness of the City and Wielkopolska Province. The Park has been achieving its leadership position by focusing on most far-reaching sectors and stimulation of cooperation of business environment with the world of science.
Eureka Technology Park
The aim of ETP operation is to support economic activity based on knowledge and improvement of efficiency of commercialisation of good business ideas and scientific research. The Park offers comprehensive b2b services, development and investment programmes and modern IT infrastructure and supports companies on their way to success.
Nickel Technology Park Poznań
First non-public technology park in Poland. The objective of the Technology Park is to provide entrepreneurs facilitations in conducting a business activity. Nickel Technology Park Poznań is a place aiding the development of companies. The Park offers comprehensive services concentrated in four areas: infrastructure, servicing of spaces, development of business and business-related services .
Poznań Science and Technology Park Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation
It is the first Science and Technology Park in Poland. This is a place where scientific and business environment meet. It is the ideal place for everyone searching for innovative solutions. Owing to cooperation with scientists, PPNT is a perfect partner in the process of commercialisation of results of scientific and technological research in the economy.
Wielkopolska Agency for Enterprise Development
WARP has been assisting ambitious companies that enter and spread their wings on the market for over ten years. The company specialises in financing, consultancy and trainings of persons who enhance competitiveness of Wielkopolska economy via products and services reflecting actual needs of enterprising persons.
Attensee enables website owners to judge the effectiveness of their layout with regards to directing the attention of users to its proper elements. Thanks to an innovative method of monitoring the behaviour of respondents when exposed to the website, it is possible to choose the best variant of a given project without the risk of lowering conversion rates.
Producer of an electronic game die that allows the user to play board games on a digital platform. The die contains software dedicated to iPad devices and works via Bluetooth.
booklikes.com is a social portal with recommendations aimed towards book readers. The service allows users to find their favourite books and to share their opinions and recommendations with other users. By scanning the ISBN code, one can gain information on the recommendations of other readers, prices on Internet shopping sites or other books by a given author.
wykop.pl is an internet service created by its users. Every piece of information is submitted, rated and commented on by the user community. The service enables users to discover and share information available on the Internet. Wykop has 6,4 million monthly unique users and about 500 daily links submitted, making it one of the most popular social networking services in Poland.
jakdojade.pl is a modern urban transport connection browser with the aim of facilitating travel around the city. The service creates routes that a person well-informed on a given connection would choose. The service finds optimal transport connections by factoring in transfers, schedule changes, on-foot travel times and many other parameters.
Digital Technologies is a company specializing in the creation of solutions in the interactive marketing branch. The DIGI System app allows users to shape the mood and influence the behaviour of the client in the place where products are sold.
IC Solutions designs solutions based on the Invisible Computing concept. This is done to make using modern technologies as intuitive as possible. The leading product of IC Solutions is an innovative data digitalization system – IC Pen, which enables users to save text written on paper in electronic form.
One of the first internet services in the world offering ebooks on a subscription basis, analogical to the services offered by websites such as Spotify or Netflix. By paying a monthly fee, users gain access to thousands of titles, which they can read using smartphones, tablets, PC computers or e-readers.
inCLICK.pl is the first remote work platform in Poland which allows companies and users to place a work order online to be realized by students in a given location, without the usual required formalities, such as signing a contract or settlement of payment.
GLIP is Poznań-based manufacturer of multimedia touch-interface platforms. The company offers equipment using touch- and motion-recognition technology as well as holographic projections. These include: interactive tables, screens, totems and holographic pyramids. GLIP also offers software for various groups of consumers of multimedia surfaces as well as customized platforms, designed according to the company colour palette and the client’s chosen logotype.
Codenger is an internet service for employers who wish to examine the programming skills of their candidates. The coding languages available are: Java, C#, C++, C, Objective-C, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl and Scala.
lubimyczytac.pl is the largest Polish opinion-forming book service. The strength of lubimyczytac.pl lies in its reader community, where users discuss and comment upon news from the book world, establish friendships based on their literary tastes, comb through an impressive database of books, add chosen titles to their virtual bookshelves, write reviews and follow publisher news and information about their favourite authors.
Omni3D develops 3D-printing technology. Omni3D supplies its clients with printers, printing software, materials and consumables for small-scale 3D-printing of up to a thousand items. It works as part of the Open Source movement, using the open RepRap repository. A large portion of the company’s developmental work is published on the Web.
These are monthly meetings dedicated to topics connected with conducting business based on new technologies. The meetings are conducted in English language and the group of lecturers always includes at least one foreign guest.
Startup Sprint
These are 3 day events, during which their participants, under the guidance of mentors, develop business ideas or already initiated business projects connected with the sector which constitutes the leading theme of the event. Startup Sprint is a brand of events, which was created in Poznań, but its editions have also been organised in other cities.
Business Mixer
These are cyclical events organised by Academic Enterprise Incubators. The meetings are held in a formula with participation of a special guest, after whose performance, presentations of a few startups are conducted. The event finishes with selection of the best startup.
Poznań Startup Pirates
A few day workshops, during which participants develop their business ideas under the guidance of mentors. The idea of Startup Pirates event originates from Portugal. First Polish edition of this event took place in Poznań.
Poznań Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend is a well-known in the world of startups idea, developed by the Kauffman Foundation. From Friday to Sunday, under the guidance of international team of mentors, participants develop their business ideas.
Startup Poznań Event
The event addressed to people who want to build their businesses based on knowledge and innovative solutions. First edition of the event took place in 2014 and included performances of experts, practical workshops and 24 hour hackathon. The event is conducted by the City of Poznań together with institutions and companies operating in a local startup environment.
Startup Poznań_Hackathon
The leading motto of Startup Poznań_Hackathon included: the City, Technologies and Communities. Participants worked on real data and technologies provided by the City of Poznań and companies such as Allegro, Samsung R&D, Beyond.pl, ZETO Poznań, Audiobook.pl, Cardprotec, Glip, or Wykop.pl.
Geek Girls Carrots
These are meetings of community of women interested in new technologies, which aim at promotion of women connected with the IT sector. The initiative of the events itself was developed in Warsaw, however Poznań Carrots Community (since it gets called like that) is one of the most active in Poland. Besides from monthly meetings, the organisers also hold a series of gratuitous workshops and engage themselves in events promoting new technologies.
Maker Space Poznań
Its goal is to familiarise wide audience with hardware type projects – drones, robots, 3d printers and many innovative solutions as well as to present profiles of their inventors. First edition of this event attracted over 350 participants.
An initiative which was developed in Poznań and which promotes Python language among women (organises programming courses in this language). Pyladies is a group uniting people from all over the world, whose goal is to promote, educate and increase diversification of Python communities.
Mind Park
Cyclical meetings organised at Poznań Technology Industrial Park, to which known and valued persons from the world of business, new technologies, marketing etc. are invited. The meetings are usually held on Mondays, once a month.
CHI Poznań
These are cyclical, irregular meetings of people connected with User Experience. Association CHI Polska is a Polish division of ACM SIG-CHI, an international interests group focusing on research, designing and solving of interaction problems between a human being and a computer.
Google Developer Group
These are cyclical meetings for amateurs of API Google. The aim of the group is to create communities of persons interested and cooperation with other GDG groups.
Poznań AGILE Group
These are cyclical meetings of persons connected with agile. PAUG was established as a result of willingness to share and exchange experiences connected with participation in projects conducted in the spirit of Lean and Agile.
Meet js, meet php
These are cyclical meetings for programmers. Non-commercial front-end meetup meetings organised by a community for a community. During each meet.js one may count on a few lectures on web and front-end topics (JS, CSS, HTML etc.).
TechKlub Poznań
These are cyclical meetings for persons connected with new technologies. The project carried out by the Information Society Development Foundation under the project New Local Technologies.
Cyberbot Robotic Festival
Annual robots festival is organised by students of Poznań University of Technology. The oldest robotic festival in Poznań is an event that takes place each year. Within the framework of the event also attractions for the youngest visitors are organised. A series of open lectures and presentations has also been prepared for the participants of the festival.
Social Poznań
Meetings of amateurs of social media and persons connected with communication (PR, marketing). Social Poznań goal is to integrate interesting people working in social media, marketing or simply connected with new media and communication.
These are cyclical meetings of bloggers from Poznań. The concept of joint meetings is to integrate the environment, establish relationships and explore substantive aspects of blogging.
Startup Safary
It is a cyclical event, during which participants of an organised tour may visit startups offices and meet their founders, as well as participate in specially arranged workshops.
Poznań Gov Jam
The workshops are a part of an international event Global Gov Jam, under which, within 48 hours, participants develop solutions for the needs of the public sector using the methodology of design thinking.
Students Roadshow
Students Roadshow is a cycle of lectures at higher education institutions nationwide, organised by a pioneer in the e-commerce sector – Allegro Group. It is a way of sharing practical knowledge.
ŠKODA App Days
Two days of intensive work, 8 hours of creative thinking, 24 hours of programming. The event allowed for the creation in just two days of ten propositions of applications connected with travelling in a family car. The best project was awarded with a contract for its execution.
Business Booster
Businessbooster is a competition which is to aid young entrepreneurs in starting activity better, faster and with bigger self-confidence. The competition is organised by the organisation of European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management – ESTIEM, who combine technological knowledge and management. The finale of the 2014 competition was held in Poznań.
Startup Europe Roadshow
Roadshow enables young students, who want to become entrepreneurs in the IT sector to make use of knowledge, cooperation and mentoring of their friends who have already succeeded. The project Roadshow is a series of 10 workshops, which were held in Poznań, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Athens, London, Madrid, Bucharest, Lisbon and Budapest.
Poznań Game Jam
Poznań Game Jam is a two day hackathon concentrated on creation of HTML5 and JavaScript games. The event takes place at Poznań University of Technology, where also the hackathon within the framework of Global Game Jam takes place.
Śniadanie z …(Breakfast with…)
Śniadanie z … is an initiative dedicated to micro, small and medium enterprises which – on the occasion of delicious breakfast – is to facilitate exchange of good practices and establishment of business relations between young and experienced entrepreneurs from Wielkopolska.
These are interdisciplinary activities on creative solving of problems with a method of Design Thinking. Under the programme, lectures and workshops were organised for students of three higher education institutions from Poznań, who solved tasks in mixed three people teams. The programme was developed by Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre and higher education institutions from Poznań.
StartUP MashUp
A two day event prepared by PBDA Consulting and Academic Enterprise Incubators – Poznań. Presence of experts and entrepreneurs at the event constitutes an opprotunity for learning about secrets of conducting own business.
Poznań Service Jam
These are cyclical events whose participants are divided into groups and work on services connected with the event leading theme or sector which the event concerns.
It is an annual conference organised by Allegro Group related to new technologies topics. The e-nnovation conference brings together leading experts and practitioners who have the biggest influence on the development of the e-commerce sector both in Europe and in the world.
E-commerce Trade Fair
An event dedicated to e-commerce topic, organised by Fundacja Polak 2.0. The e-commerce trade fair are addressed to representatives of e-shops and companies that offer services and products for this market. The goal of the event is to ensure ideal conditions for integration of e-commerce environment, establishment and building of long-term business relations and exchange of experiences.
Marketing and Technology
Conference Marketing and Technology – is an annual conference organised by SpeedUp Group and WSNHiD (the School of Humanities and Journalism) which regards the application of new technologies in the marketing. facebook.com/marketingitechnologia
SpeedUp Office Hours
These are monthly meetings with representatives of the fund (second Tuesday of a month). Everyone who would like to know how the cooperation with the fund runs, how does one need to prepare for business negotiations or wants to discuss their project/idea/what they do in terms of investments – may make an appointment for an individual meeting on a given day.
Meetings for persons interested in programming at Ruby on Rails that are organised by Netguru. The event allows for following Ruby on Rails novelties and constitutes an opportunity for exchange of experiences between beginner and advanced programmers.
P-team was a series of cyclical meetings of communities of persons working in the areas of new technologies and new media. The meetings consisted of inviting guests and after their lectures there was a discussion and networking part
Hackfest is a 48 hour programming marathon. Hackfest was created in order to gather in one place people, who know how to programme applications, have ideas for new programmes and want to create something.
Atmosphere conference is a platform of knowledge exchange related to functioning and optimisation of websites between participants from Cental and Eastern Europe. First edition of this event was held in Poznań.
PolyConf is a two day interdisciplinary conference on the area of advanced technologies for programmers interested in promoting multidisciplinary and polyglot approach to manufacture of software.
IT Academic Day
IT Academic Day is a cycle of IT conferences organised by students of Groups.NET and Group IT, addressed to students of secondary schools and persons interested in modern technologies.
The aim of individual workshops is to reveal next issues connected with making first steps in the startups world. During the cycle of workshops, participants may meet experienced mentors and coaches, who will present them in practice what to do in order to ‘make your first million’.
Koło Fortuny (Wheel of Fortune)
Koło Fortuny – is a programme about enterprising and for enterprising, so 60 minutes on how to make your first million. The programme is broadcasted on every Thursday in local Radio Afera. Koło Fortuny is a series of reports, relations and interviews with entrepreneurs and representatives of business environment institutions from Poznań
Business cafe
It is a cycle of meetings with entrepreneurs and professionals from business. The aim of the meetings is to help enterprising persons in making a next step on their way to the goal via building of communities of specialists and fascinates.
TechnoInqbacja (Technoincubation)
It is a package of professional trainings which aids to change habits and open your mind on new possibilities. The project is carried out in two cities: in Poznań and Gliwice and is addressed to students, graduates or scientific workers.
Game Industry Conference
Game Industry Conference is a side event of Poznan Game Arena, one of the biggest game expos in the Europe. Game Industry Conference in Poznan is a leading Polish gamedev event. As a whole it creates an excellent spot to meet the most of Polish game industry, as well as, growing number of attendees from surrounding countries.
Pierwszy Krok we Własny Biznes (First step into own business)
Pierwszy Krok we Własny Biznes is a joint initiative of InQbator of Poznań Science and Technology Park of Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation and the City of Poznań. It is a training and consulting programme dedicated to enterprising representatives of Poznań academic environment.
Toastmasters Poznań
It is a cycle of meetings during which persons interested in personal development and public performances may upgrade their skills.
Huge Thing
Huge Thing is a yet completed acceleration programme, which had been created on the initiative of persons managing Speed Up Venture Capital Group and LMS Invest. Apart from the access to trainings and mentors aid, Huge Thing offered capital support for the best projects.